What is it about?

Surf & Stay is a guide about Portugal's west coast and Spain's north coast. It covers: 

* surf spots & magical beaches

* restaurants & beach bars

* bed & breakfasts

* design hotels and/or surfy places to stay

* things to see, with a focus on architecture

* the most scenic road trips

* stories about being on the road & behind the scenes

* pictures by renowned photographers and young talents

* drone shots

* interviews with surf locals

* 100 coordinates for camperspots

* infographic about predicting waves, illustrated by Lizzy from Peniche

Surf & Stay is a must have for every sealover, even if you don't surf! Forget the clichés you know about Iberia, this guide takes you through a world where roads snake across rugged cliffs, over pristine dunes and under canopies of trees. Nothing in this guide was sponsored and nobody paid for a mention. Surf & Stay is 100% independent and an ode to old-school journalism.

What's the story behind the graphic design? 

Art director Elke Treunen from the Antwerp-based design studio MAFF created a dreamy layout. Not macho and competitive but happy, liberating and inspiring. Leafing through the pages feels like swimming in the ocean. Journalist Veerle Helsen wanted to make an edition different from every surf or travel guide out there. Together, these two women make a statement in a men's world.  Watch a video about the book here.



Surf & Stay is the tale of a personal search for freedom, away from the daily grind. What if you leave everything behind to go chasing dreams? The design lets you see through the eyes of the writer, putting you in the passenger seat of her 19-year-old camper.

Each chapter has its own colour and begins with an impressive array of images, bringing the region to life before you’ve read a single word. Lyrics about the sea roam between the photos, guaranteed to get you packing for your own dream trip before you even reach the travel tips. Check out the Spotify playlist. Once the travel tips arrive, they are not ordered in tight lists but allowed to float across the pages, as if dancing on a coastline. The quirky typography, which makes use of the fonts Akkurat and GT Sectra, sets this book apart from standard travel guides such as Lonely Planet. The ingredients here are not just words and images: Surf & Stay is filled with sand, sea salt and wonder. 

Where can I buy it? 

Surf & Stay is published by Lannoo. The guide is available in 2 editions: Dutch and English. Make sure you always check which edition you're buying because some shops sell both languages. For sale here: 



* surf shop Haven

* independent book stores Paard van Troje, Theoria, Beatrijs, Atlas en Zanzibar, Boekhandel Het Voorwoord, Alta Via, De Reyghere, De Raaklijn, Filigranes, Brugse Boekhandel, Passaporta, The Other Shop, ’t Stad leest

* book retailers Standaard Boekhandel, Fnac

* concept Londen stores Billierose, Lily Oostende

The world

* ACC Art Books, London

* Foyles, London

* Stanfords, London & Bristol

* De Bijenkorf, the Netherlands

* Mendo Books, Amsterdam

* Athenaeum Boekhandel, Amsterdam

* Paagman, Delft & 's Gravenhage

* Magic Quiver, Ericeira

* Surfmilfontes, Vila Nova de Milfontes

* Coast, Poole, Dorset

* Tsuyaya, Tokio

* This is Story, New York

* Clic, New York

And many more! Send an e-mail if you want the complete list.

Online shops

* Just the Sea

* Bol.com

* Amazon

* Surf & Stay

More book shops in other countries will follow.